Friday, April 08, 2011

Shutdown Distraction

Reader, we're teetering on the edge of a total government shutdown, which somehow in a universe unlike the one I live in, has something to do with abortion. I despise the devolution of politics in this country. Yes, that is a word. I wasn't sure myself.

Clearly I need a bit of distraction from this insanity, so here's a media round-up. In no particular order:

Body of Proof: I've always liked Dana Delaney since China Beach. Remember that show, fellow old people? Delaney's got a great combination of intensity, toughness and vulnerability. Plus, she's super hot. Although she has worked consistently since then, I don't know that she has ever found the right vehicle for her talents. Unfortunately her new show, Body of Proof isn't that vehicle either. Basically House with a lady, with some minor adjustments not even worth mentioning, Body of Proof is eye-rollingly predictable in every possible way: dialogue, characters, plot. Not unlike most network television, but we want more for Dana. I hold hope that the right show will come her way; since Hollywood has so much to offer women over 50, it should be any minute now.

The Walking Dead: I caught the pilot of this zombie show on Hulu a few months back and unexpectedly loved it. I've just finished the first disc of season 1 (pilot plus 3 episodes) and I continue to be transfixed. Suspenseful, scary, creepy, gruesome and sort of funny at the same time, The Walking Dead is the zombie show you never knew you'd like. A great show can absolutely transcend one's general lack of caring about the subject matter: see Friday Night Lights. AMC knocking it out the park these days: Breaking Bad, Mad Men and now this. A veritable trifecta of television awesomeness.

Burlesque: I have so little to say about this movie, I can't even summon full sentences: Christina Aguilera, small-town girl with big pipes and Pussy Cat Doll moves to LA. Cher, struggling club owner. Her best gay friend, Stanley Tucci. Bitchy alcoholic lead dancer, some girl whose name I can't be bothered to look up but you'll recognize her. Power struggle. Aguilera belts and warbles. Boobs. Bling. Trowel-applied make up. Some guy. Love. Triumph over adversity. Zzz.

Twitter: Though I joined in 2008, it wasn't until a few weeks ago when I started following a bunch of people that I got the point of this social networking. At times it is much like overhearing snippets of conversations that you don't understand. However, I am especially enjoying prolific Tweeters Roger Ebert, Mindy Kaling, Stephen Colbert and Jezebel writer Irin Carmon.

The New York Times Paywall: I was a daily reader of as well as a daily user of their iphone app. In the new, post-paywall world, this would cost $3.75 a week. To add iPad or other tablet access to the mix, it's $8.75 a week. Will this be successful? Or will people find so many ways to subvert the paywall (apparently easy to do, Google away) or simply go to other sites for news that they give up, as they did a few years back with their short-lived 2007 paywall experiment? Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I just have to comment on behalf of Burlesque. Sure, the "plot" was a series of bad, boring cliches, and the acting mediocre, but the dancing - that was HOT. And Christina A can belt it out better than I realized. So I had trouble keeping my chair dancing to a minimum of disruption in the theatre. But you do have to like that kind of thing. I admit that I might not have liked it as much before I started Shimmy Popping...

Now, maybe I need to give Twitter more of my attention. :)


Professional Critic said...

A fan of Steven Antin's choreography! Something tells me you might like the work of his sister Robin, founder of The Pussycat Dolls. I couldn't stay away from The Search for the Next Doll, Season 1. Girls that did not have what it took to be the next Pussycat Doll had to hang up their boas and leave the stage immediately, sobbing. Or try the Pussycat Dolls workout DVD. Both available on Netflix.