Monday, April 27, 2009

Sex Sling or Beach Chair? It's in the Eye of the Beholder.

Reader, I came home from work early today with what I hope is a garden-variety cold and not the beginning of swine flu. Regardless, I feel like doody and am rapidly expanding my carbon footprint as I plow through boxes of Kleenex.

As I listlessly wandered through interwebs, this New York Times article caught my eye. It profiles a pair of Pakistani brothers that have created a flourishing business in Karachi, manufacturing fetish and bondage wear for pervy Westerners.

The business brought in $1 million last year so the fact that most of the employees don't know what they're making doesn't seem to be a barrier. You should absolutely watch the entire five minute video but pay close attention to their female designer Asifa at 3:49. She rules.

But an epic FAIL goes to the NYT reporter describing a sex sling as "a hammock-like device." I expect Fox news to cluelessly crow on about teabagging, but you guys, get with the program! Sheesh.

Check out the website for their business AQTH here, where you can learn that "We are on top of some of the most exciting and exotic SM scenes world wide."

You cannot make this stuff up, reader.


jdub said...

whoa, nelly. Most of the lewd, crude, and rude teabagging comments came on MSNBC and CNN. Fox was all about the Tea parties.

As to the rest, umm, I'm just naive and sheltered, so I'm not going to comment.

Professional Critic said...

jdub, I didn't communicate my point clearly through my haze of snot. What I meant to say is though I expect a certain amount of cluelessness from Fox type outlets, I certainly don't from the NY Times.

And to your naivete and purported sheltered-ness ... isn't that why we read newspapers? ;)

jdub the naif said...

Ah, I forget you live on the Left Coast. Here in Washington, DC, I won't even line my bird's cage with the NY Times, lest he become dumber than he already is. (I'm not pro-Fox News, mind you, I just think that when the NY Times finally dies, it will be a good day. It hasn't been a good paper in years.)

And I don't read newspapers any more. The "news" is old, slanted, and often wrong by the time the paper gets ahold of it. I get the news (i.e., basic information in real time) from teh internets, and analysis from people who know a hell of a lot more than your average reporter. I like the comics in the Washington Post, though. Those I read.

And, umm, apparently I'm losing my naivete and shelteredness by reading your blog!

Professional Critic said...

Hey, that would be a good tagline! Professional Critic: Stripping You of Shelteredness Since 2006. Thanks, jdub!