Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Too Good Not to Post

What it is, reader. Today I learned of a new must have ladies' garment as seen on Jezebel. It's the Camelflage, underwear that erase any hints of the pushy labia lurking under your pants. Camelflage, the "original visual privacy undergament."

Who needs Camelflage? According to their website, this woman:

Because the only problem with wearing skin-tight white pants is camel toe. Right?

As I perused the Camelflage website, I was instantly reminded of last month's Vanity Fair, whose cover story featured a portrait of the world's most famous soccer (yes, yes: football) players, their prominently displayed junk straining against tiny nylon football panties.

This was no Ken-doll bulge, reader. You'll have to trust me on this one since Vanity Fair online doesn't show all the photos. I felt like I had stumbled onto gay porn. No worries about "smoothing over" man parts, or being the man "everyone is laughing at behind your back." Sigh.


april said...

and yet this product endorses camelass with their thong.

Professional Critic said...

That is SUCH a good point. Maybe in the world according to Camelflage clearly defined ass cheeks are acceptable?

Professional Critic said...

And can I also say, "camelass" is an excellent word.