Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Second Part of Life

Blog comments aren't typically a place one finds pearls of wisdom but I saw one today to share with with you, reader.

Today Gawker featured an article about Captain Phil's ultimately fatal stroke, televised on the reality series The Deadliest Catch. Apparently, this was handled surprisingly tastefully and viewers were moved by the experience of watching events unfold on the screen with the awareness that Phil did not live.

In response to this episode, Gawker commenter Meercat wrote:
The world is divided into two parts. There is the first part where you haven't lost a husband, parent, child, close friend - and the second part where you have.

This division captures not only the rift you experience from yourself, your old self before loss, but also the separation you experience from those who are in the first part of life.

Layers of loneliness in the second part of life.


Batwing said...

O Wets, I hope we see you soon. We have not forgotten you and want to be in the second part of your life.

I'm still on the other side of that line, but not for long.

Anonymous said...

Miss you and thinking about you as you inhale and exhale. Loneliness runs deep and takes many forms, I hope the threads in your tether to the planet are strong and sensitive. ~Bernie