Sunday, August 30, 2009


Reader, tonight I was watching some episodes of Flight of the Conchords. Bret and Jemaine are super fabulous, as I wrote about here and if you have never seen FOTC, do correct straightaway. During episode 3 of the second season, Bret's newly-formed gang busts out into song and dance a la West Side Story:

Which reminded me how a few months ago I decided it was bordering on criminal that I had never seen West Side Story, which is all like classic and stuff, so I attempted to watch it on Netflix Watch Instantly. I say "attempt" because I couldn't make it past the Prologue. Unfortunately I was unable to suspend disbelief long enough to be convinced that the roving band of flaming homosexuals in tight pants and dance shoes was a menacing street gang. I just couldn't do it. Here's the whole Prologue; 1:40 on should fill you with fear:

Have you ever seen anything so deliciously gay?


jdub said...

Watch this clip. Reiterates the gay point.

I love West Side Story, (huge Leonard Bernstein fan, probably the only modern composer I like)but I agree. I want to see some action and all they do is dance.

Professional Critic said...

Good one, jdub. I should try watching West Side Story again. Perhaps now that I'm over the initial shock I can sit through it.

jdub said...

We saw the revival in DC. My 14 year old nephew, as we were walking out, said "hey, that was kind of like Romeo and Juliet."

Ya think????

The Jerome Robbins choreography is also classic. Try again, it's worth it.

Professional Critic said...

Okay, okay. With the Netflix Watch Instantly option I can break it down in little chunks, which comes in handy when I give myself an eye-rolling induced headache.