Thursday, April 16, 2009

Traffic School (Can Suck It) and Baby Animals, Part III. Plus Some Gratuitous Stuff.

Since discovering I have an additional two months to finish traffic re-education camp, I've become a bit lazy, so today's post will only be about baby animals. And maybe some porn.

Remember the redonk baby snow leopard? These little guys are growing up and have opened their eyes.

Head fuzziness = death causing

Staying on a feline theme, here are some bebeh lions.

Pretty much anytime a baby animal has dangling limbs, it's cute, especially when the paws are so big and nom nom-licious

Reader, all the talk about tea bagging this week (note: has nothing to do with taxes and conservative Republicans of all people should know this) was making me think it was time for another porn post. But while I was diligently searching for some worthy porn to share with you I got sidetracked by the video of Susan Boyle. She's caused all kinds of brouhaha on interwebs after her appearance on Britain's Got Talent (their version of American Idol) singing some crap song from Les Miz. I guess because she's frumpy and not show biz attractive it should be very surprising that she has singing talent. Huh? This whole episode is tres bizarro. This article from Jezebel gets at a bit of what I think, but what was so blech to me was just the expression on the judges' faces, like they were watching the Special Olympics.

Which just about ruined my desire to look for porn, and then when I did start looking saw too many fake boobs at once. But I did see once nice thing that I will share with you, and though a still, it is still porn, so be ye a smarty and do not click through if you're at work, okay? My day at the office will be nothing like this, sadly.


april m. said...


makes me happy in my pants.

thank you. better than a candy dish in your office any day!

Professional Critic said...

You're so welcome!