Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Huh, This Ended up Being Smutty

Reader, you may recall that I enjoy a romance novel now and again. You can read my recent recap of Rogue Soldier here. For the 60th anniversary of Harlequin, ABC somehow got a bunch of mostly male celebrities to read bits of a Harlequin novel. The best of these was Paul Rudd. Great comment by Dorkus Malorkus: "Paul Rudd could be reading the phone book or an employee safety manual and he would still be 100% PURE SEX."

And ... yeah.

Newscaster Martin Bashir was pretty compelling, too. He's a saucy little thing who also sounds like sex on wheels but isn't too smooth. You can read about his Obama gaffe here and his admitting that hot Asian babes make him pitch a tent here. I'm sorry I Googled him, as his being a bit of a tool kinda killed my buzz.

Oh dear. There's a dating website for size queen ladies featuring only well-endowed men,, with the tagline "Size matters. Take the guesswork out of dating." I'm not quite sure how they verify this, but the comments on Jezebel are pretty goddamn funny.


Jenn said...

If Paul Rudd would read me the listings on, I would never leave my room again. That's all I would need, baby.

Professional Critic said...

Oooh that is SO smutty! He really is special, isn't he?