Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Music Monday: What is the Deal with Jason Mraz?

Reader, usually I focus on music I like but this special episode of Music Monday is devoted to the steaming circle of musical hell that is Jason Mraz.

I believe The Remedy was his first annoying song to make it big:

Next came I'm Yours:

I want to smack that dumb hat off his head. Why doesn't Justin Timberlake bother me in his hats? He doesn't.

And this most recent smug piece of turd, Lucky:

It was really this song that sent me over the edge. The combination of his arrogance and these awful self-satisfied lyrics, and that little-girl voiced Colbie Caillat, gah. I would rather listen to almost any other annoying male singer ... Hootie, Kings of Leon, who I complained about here, maybe even recent Rod Stewart.

Jeez, I am feisty right now. Probably because it's been hotter than Hades this week. This evening when I came home all my lovely tulips and daffodils were dead and the house reeked of fermented cat poo.

Happy Hump Day, reader.


Anonymous said...

....poor baby......it snowed here yesterday, you poor thing.

Professional Critic said...

Oh, no! lynchb, enough already with that crazy place! It's spring and the time for snow has passed.