Wednesday, April 08, 2009

No, Really. This is Important

Reader, file this under WTF?! Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins is dating Tila Tequila? I cannot get this through my mind grapes.

The enchanting Sarah Haskin is back with another episode of Target Women, and this time her sights are set on the fast food advertising douchebaggery of Carl's Jr. Love!

This is so fucking rad. Got to there.

On the opposite end of the radness spectrum is this piece of turd news that the Army is pressuring doctors to not diagnose PTSD. O, epic epic FAIL. Are there not sufficient numbers of civilians freaking out and committing random murder/suicides? Must we expand the pool of traumatized Americans to include those with weaponry experience? Professional Critic is aggrieved.

By this, too: the stupidest marketing campaign I have ever seen, for the idiotically named Fling chocolate bar. My eyes are rolling around so much I have given myself a headache.


jdub said...

Re: Billy and Tila. I think it makes sense in a Brothers Grimm sort of way. He's a troll and she's a leprechaun with a boob job.

Professional Critic said...

HA!! That was a really good one. You're totally, totally right on there.

jdub said...

you know who I am, right, leaving aside the nom-de-blog?

Professional Critic said...

Fo shizz! Thanks for reading and commenting.

Batwinger said...

No but the best part of the Fling ad is the note to parents:

We will collect a child’s e-mail address to respond to questions about the site, requests for homework help, and the like. The child’s e-mail address is deleted immediately upon responding to the child’s request. We offer e-cards to our visitors, including children. Names and e-mail addresses of both the sender and the recipient are deleted immediately from our system after the e-card is sent.

We will also collect a child’s e-mail address to sign the child up for our e-mail newsletter or for an online sweepstakes or contest, or to register to participate in certain features at our sites. Where we know the user is a young child (we may ask for age or birth date to find this out), we may ask the child to provide a parent’s e-mail address and send an e-mail notice to the parent regarding the child’s request. Those notices give the parent a chance to opt-out of the information-collection on behalf of the child, or, where necessary offer instructions on how to provide consent. To enter certain sweepstakes or contests, we may ask a child if they’re a boy or a girl, or ask them what they like and don’t like in general - hobbies, activities, taste preferences, school interests, pets, and the like. We may sometimes ask visitors to respond to polls or surveys. Often, information can be provided anonymously and won’t be associated with a visitor’s name, address, e-mail address or the like. Some contests may offer children a chance to express themselves creatively by sending or e-mailing stories or pictures. We will not post pictures of users whom we know are young children along with personally identifying information online (such as full name, home address, or e-mail address) without parental consent.

We require credit cards for online transactions, so only adults over 18 may buy products online.

WHO TF is asking for homework help from the Fling people?

Professional Critic said...

Winger, whoa. I actually had to go back to the Fling website, thinking I must have misunderstood what Fling was, because who goes to a candy bar website for homework help? The only reason I can see for anyone to go to any candy website is to sign up for free samples. This one's a stumper.

jdub said...

Standard Children's Online Protection and Privacy Act disclaimer. Some lawyer told them to be inclusive. It wasn't me.

Professional Critic said...

Thanks for the info, jdub. Next time I hear friends or family complaining about how much time they have to spend helping their kids with homework, I'll tell them to pawn those parental duties off to the Fling website.