Tuesday, April 14, 2009

BoBoma and Then Some

So glad to hear the country is freaking out over the first dog, Bo, "rescued" from the Kennedys. Why, yes, Bo does have his own White House blog page, thanks for asking!

If you're at all as [eyeroll] as Professional Critic is at the furor surrounding BoBama, you'll be glad to hear there is more serious journalism afoot. Today the San Francisco Chronicle is running an article about how to be a stylish, modern man with tips most American men will find handy: how to lounge on $17, 000 sofas while listening to $6,000 stereos, contemplating your next eyebrow wax. Recession? What recession?

Oh, right. You know we're in a recession when thieves break into a home for sale and steal the staged furniture. Yes: “It’s brazen,” said D. J. Grubb, the president of the Grubb Company, a real estate agency based in Oakland. “These are highly aesthetic crimes. The thief seems to be someone with very good taste, somebody who knows that mauve is out.”


Jen said...

Love your site. Found it from comments on Dooce. Very funny. Will be back.

Professional Critic said...

Welcome and thank you, Jen!