Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Music Monday: Now for Something That Doesn't Suck

Reader, I needed to cleanse my musical palate after all that awful Jason Mraz. No better way than with the grapefruit sorbet of pop, possibly my most favorite band ever, The Smiths. Last night Pandora must have known I was in a bad way and she coughed up Reel Around the Fountain, from 1984's Hatful of Hollow.

Here it is with a great photo montage compiled by some mopey fan:

What's that you say, Moz?

"I dreamt about you last night
and I fell out of bed twice
you can pin and mount me
like a butterfly"

Reader, come ON!

From the same album, This Charming Man, live version (music doesn't start til 2:28 but watching the fans bug out is kind of fun):

And that is all.


jdub said...

While I agree with you about Jason Mraz, and while I am an '80s alternative afficianado as well, I can't stand the Smiths or Morrisey as a solo act. Maybe it's my Y chromosome, but I've never been able to stand either the band or Morrisey.

Give me Depeche Mode or the Cure (or even Echo and the Bunnymen) any day of the week.

Professional Critic said...

Jdub, NO! How can this be? It can't be mopiness ... Echo is plenty mopey. Is it his voice that you don't like? I struggle to comprehend.

jdub said...

Echo is mopey, but there are moments of hope. Bring on the Dancing Horses. Don't know, Smiths just never worked for me.

Do keep in mind that while I listen to, and appreciate the music now, in the '80s I was listening to a lot of metal. Do you remember Meline? I used to mock her endlessly (but lovingly) about her alt-music tastes (if I recall, she had a big crush on Michael Hutchence of INXS).

jdub said...

and, for your amusement:

Anonymous said...

i'm with jdub...hate the whiny smiths. always have.

Professional Critic said...

Okay, the two of you ... I have no words.

Thanks for the link, jdub. It's so wrong, but so right, that they referred to Billy Corgan as Uncle Fester. Whoever Tila's new lady is, she also looks like a stripper so they have that in common, at least.