Thursday, November 11, 2010

Troubling Fashion Trend: Spats

Reader, while perusing a Garnet Hill catalog I saw two pairs of boots that made me go 'hmm.'

There's something about the second pair that's kind of zexy but I think it's the corset-style lacing rather than the spat effect. I'm cosigning the tan suede as the black ones just read as professional dom, don't you think?

What the hell is the point of spats, anyway? I thought they were originally supposed to keep your shoes and lower part of your pants protected from all the horse poop in the streets back in the day but I can find nothing to support this theory. I guess they're just decorative. MJ sports gangsta spats in the Smooth Criminal video. Great dancing in this video btw.

I'm inclined to thumbs down this shoe trend. What say you, reader?


Anonymous said...

i say ugly, and the corsett thing is trampy and ugly

Professional Critic said...

Trampy and ugly! Let it rip, reader!