Friday, November 12, 2010

Another Celeb Couple Calls It Quits, Plus

Oh, reader. I'm no better than US Weekly with my gossipy ways. However, I will make a commitment to never broadcast anyone's cellulite. There's a standard for you.

Moving right along. The incredibly talented and gorgeous Rachel Weisz and her husband director Darren Aronfsky have split after nine years of marriage. Can it be true that she's with Daniel Craig? He seems too old for her. Nope, I'm wrong. He's 42 to her 40 but check him out. Weathered, no?

I'm not sure why gay rumors have been swirling around Jake Gyllenhall for years. Is it solely because he played a gay cowboy in Brokeback Mountain? Interwebs search yields one Austin Nichols, actor and friend of Gyllenhalls's since high school and prime suspect boyfriend. Here they are at a Lakers game. If they are together, they are unbearably cute. I would pick this guy over Taylor Swift any day of the week.

Reader, if a train wreck had a wreck with another train wreck, it would be a lot like Married to Rock, the new reality tv show on E! about rock star wives. Wreckiest of all is Josie Stevens, wife of Steve Stevens. What can I say? My jaw dropped the moment she hit the screen ad pretty much never closed. Here's a clip for your viewing torture.


Anonymous said...

that sounds like must see tv, holy plastic surgery and gobs of makeup WOW

Professional Critic said...

It is. Whenever Josie was on screen, I couldn't tear my eyes away, nor could I lift my jaw off the floor.