Monday, October 26, 2009

Josephine Summons Forth the Deity

Reader, an irksome fact of life at Chez Professional Critic is my ongoing inability to adequately capture Josephine's cuteness on film. Her brother Gus, while not as adorable in reality, is ridiculously photogenic:

Strikes a pose

even mid nail-chomp.

If this was a season of America's Next Top Model, Gus would be the average-looking girl whose pictures knock your socks off. He is fierce, brings it, works it AND owns it.

Josephine would be the real-life stunner the judges reluctantly boot off after the fourth episode when they realize she simply cannot smile with her eyes.

Camera brings out deeply suspicious nature.

But I keep trying. The other day as Jo lolled on the bed in the glowing late afternoon sun I grabbed the camera. I got this:


And this


And then, this:

Saint Josephine!

I love that she's bathed in this beatific glow, surrounded by thousands of points of colored light. Makes up for the fact that you can't quite see her precious little face, almost.


april m. said...

ok i am literally laughing out loud...not in a LOL way..but a literal way!!

you manifested the photogenic photo that was just lurking in her waiting to be coaxed out!!

coffee soon?

Professional Critic said...

I think she has better in her! She is so completely adorable I have to work not to squeeze her to death. Someday will capture this, I swear. Coffee, yes!

Love your Michigan pics by the way, so pretty.