Friday, October 30, 2009


Celebrity chef/rake Anthony Bourdain has some choice words for Bay Area foodie extraordinaire Alice Waters: "annoys the living shit out of me." For the icing on the cake, calls her "Pol Pot in a muumuu." Although Bourdain's machismo chef shtick can be a bit much at times, this comment made me laugh out loud. Possibly the only thing more irritating than Bourdain's swaggering is Waters' rarefied preciousness.

However, to her credit Waters has put her considerable influence behind improving school nutrition with her Edible Schoolyard project. I can't seem to find anything Bourdain has done to advocate or promote the quality of food in this country. School lunches may not be sexy but they'll do a hell of a lot more to address the epidemics of obesity and diabetes in this country than Bourdain eating organ meats with a local. But! Bourdain never pretended to be a social reformer. He's an entertainer and entertains he does.

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