Friday, October 03, 2008


I missed America's Next Top Model Wednesday but caught the summary on Television Without Pity. Clark goes home, fine with me. Catch the rerun on Sunday.

Just about done with the 5th and last season of The Wire and lordy lou, this is depressing stuff. Spoiler alert!

All of my favorite characters-- Prop Joe, Butchie and Omar--have been killed off by Marlo's terrifyingly anti-social minions. McNulty has lost his damn mind to the utter disgust of Bunk and taken Freamon down a very questionable path. Mediocrity is reigning at the fictional Baltimore Sun, while veteran newsmen are getting pushed out. How is it even possible that this show was never even nominated for an Emmy and yet Two and a Half Men has been ... more than once? Cannot comprehend.

Good news for our communal hydration: TSA is poised to relax their liquids restrictions sometime in 2009. Great to know that after this many years, TSA is finally able to differentiate between drinking water and a bomb. All that money for Homeland Security has clearly been worth it.

Honda has introduced a new hybrid to challenge the Prius, which looks an awful lot like ... a Prius. Could Honda have not come up with a slightly more original design? Criminy. Still, interesting development, since it's supposed to be more affordable than the Prius, and to be joined by a hybrid Fit.

Finally, Jenn over at Breed 'Em and Weep has written a fantastic post about the shiteous economy. Here's a taste: "If you want my help, you’re going to have to cut up your credit cards, and keep your paws off NPR and PBS, permanently." Say it, sister!

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