Friday, September 26, 2008

Cuteness Tuesday Strikes Again

I saw this Oprah clip on Jezebel yesterday. Lordy, this is a killer. Check out the especially nommy squeal.

I guess everyone has heard by now that Clay Aiken has "come out". I had to put that in quotes because, well. You know why. Kind like when Star Jones "revealed" that diet and exercise were not the reasons behind her 160 pound weight loss, but gastric bypass surgery. Yes, it's true! Oh, and Samantha Ronson is not just Lindsay Lohan's friend.

A cake for the occasion! Maybe it can say, "Congratulations! We All Knew, You Big Dummy." Check out other awkwardly themed cakes on Cake Wrecks. TGIF!


april m. said...

lindz and sam are my newest obsession. i look for them everywhere online so i can keep up with their comings and goings around town (both east and west coasts, though i am fondest of them on the east coast).

thought i'd share.

Professional Critic said...

They are pretty cute, huh? Lindsay looks super wholesome and happy, her freckles glow. Why prefer east coast tho?