Monday, May 26, 2008


That's the sound of a foul weather three day weekend ending.

But to accentuate the positive, here are four good things:

Beautiful and fragrant roses from Stacey and Bernie's yard. Aren't they gorgeous?

Adorable new kitten! He doesn't have a name but feel free to suggest away, so he doesn't have to be Baby Boy forever.

Discovery of Company C, a purveyor of delicious home furnishings. I super covet the swoony Nouveau & Briarcliff combo. Since this is a positive post, I won't dwell on how stupidly expensive their stuff is, but instead just say WANT. IT.

And finally, Chris Rock on Barack Obama, in last month's Rolling Stone:

"And for those doubters out there who keep askin', 'Is America ready for a black president?' I say, 'Why not? We just had a retarded one"'

Oh yeah!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Mellie! ;-) Love seeing the PC's salmon burgers get some airtime. I must try those myself.

That photo of the roses looks like it came out of a magazine. Did those really come out of our garden?? So glad they are bringing you pleasure.

Kitten is Cute! Maybe "Georgie," after California Supereme Court Justice and Hero Ronald George??

Enjoy the short work-week!


Professional Critic said...

Thanks! I'm enjoying the flowers so much, they're incredibly beautiful.