Thursday, May 29, 2008

Almost TGIF

I'm quite pleased with myself, reader. I just made a version of this salad from Last Night's Dinner. As promised, it was quite delicious, super quick and I would add inexpensive to boot. I added some blanched green beans to pack an extra veggie punch and substituted plain yogurt, which I always have on hand, for creme fraiche, which Jennifer always seems to have on hand and I never, ever do.

To make it faster, boil the green beans for one minute, then using a handy dandy flat wide thingamabobber which turns out to be called a skimmer, chuck into a bowl of cold water. Then throw the potatoes into the still-boiling water and while they're cooking, chop the beans into bite size pieces. Then when the potatoes are done, throw them in the cold water--easy, non? Mix up the dressing, then pour over the rest of the ingredients. (I found smoked trout at Trader Joe's.) Gently mix everything up, serve on a pile of salad greens with a nummy loaf of bread and voila! Dinner quick and easy.

Though I really don't have much in the way of kitchen equipment, the skimmer has been indispensable. I originally bought it to make taralli but I do find myself reaching for it when a slotted spoon will simply not do. But for the love of God, do not plunk down $20+ for this item. Get thee to a TJMaxx, Marshall's, Ross or Home Goods and you'll be able to find one for under $10.

New media sensation in Casa de Professional Critic: The Riches! This FX series stars Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver as heads of a family of Irish Travellers who assume the identity of a deceased couple in Louisiana. It's excellent. Any meh feelings I previously had about Minnie Driver have been banished and Eddie Izzard is his usual awesome self. Sidebar: who is the father of Minnie's baby? Anyone?

I'm looking forward to reading The New York Times Magazine article about Tyra, but first can I point out that she resembles RuPaul more and more with every passing day? Embrace your hot tranny mess Tyty!

If you don't expire from cute overload when you see this, reader you're made of stone.

Happy Friday!!

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