Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Over the Hump

Since I'm already a fan of Jezebel, it was just a short hop to Consumerist. Though I am conflicted about my own consumerism and think it would be cool to make everything, I can't even pretend to be one of those off the grid types since frankly I just love to shop. Indeed some things you can't make yourself--like plane tickets and car insurance. I feel better.

Anyway, Consumerist has taught me a thing or two, like how astronomical gas prices have made the formerly pathetic Geo Metro a hot commodity rivaling the uber-cool Prius, why you shouldn't trust the nutritional information posted by restaurant chains, and why AT&T should take a page from Zappo's customer service training manual.

So where the hell have I been that I've never heard of Rachel Maddow, Rhodes Scholar, political commentator, Air America host and all over cute button? If you've been in the same distant universe, check out her commentary on Republican hooker scandals. I've watched a handful of her clips on YouTube and enjoyed them thoroughly but much to my shock and dismay many of the commenters entirely bypassed her views to express unadulterated rage, homophobia, misogyny and transphobia. I mean seriously, it gave me an unpleasant jolt and a reminder that I live in an enchanted bubble where the mayor marries gays, the city's health plan covers sex change operations, and you know what? It's just the place I want to be.


Anonymous said...

Rachel Maddow is really good! I watched a few of her clips and found her really interesting. I've never heard of her either. Thanks for turning me on to her, Professional Critic!

batwinger said...

You must know that Bossy is in love with her, and since Batwing is slightly in love with Bossy, it's all very complicated.

Professional Critic said...

Yes, it is! Bossy rocks.