Friday, May 16, 2008

Food Friday

Whew, after these two hot hot days my apartment is rather kiln-like so I'm in the hallway while Gus and Josephine enjoy some cool air after being cooped up all day (and night). I've just gotten back from hearing a talk by Raj Patel, whose book Stuffed and Starved: Markets, Power and the Hidden Battle for the World Food System has just come out in paperback. Not your typical Friday night dinner and a movie but let me tell you, the bookstore was packed, as in to the gills. Maybe because it's Berkeley, but how awesome that more and more people are concerned about the origins of our food, our health and the health of our families, how so many people across the globe can be starving and obese, and that despite the ever booming nutrition industry, we're sicker than ever. Grim realities aside, Patel is an engaging speaker: funny, irreverent and a bit of a potty mouth and I look forward to reading his book.

I guess you've heard by now that the California Supreme Court overturned the state's ban on gay marriage, which has opened the floodgates for the interspecies unions soon to follow. I'm so glad that in this uncertain economy, endless war, home prices plummeting, healthcare and food costs soaring, that conservatives are putting their energy where it really belongs: preventing disgusting homosexuals from fulfilling their secret agenda of wedding farm animals.

Ellen's announcement of her pending nuptials provides all the proof you need--but you'll need to look past the seemingly earnest and life-long desire to have her union legalized, the sweet smile of her girlfriend Portia DeRossi, and the cheering audience to see it. If you play this clip backwards, you'll hear the true message, which is, "When I say that Portia and I love horses, I mean we really love horses. Thanks for giving our forbidden love its day, SUCKAHS."

Maybe these concerned citizens might turn their attention to Lance Armstrong. The girls he dates keep getting younger and younger; I fully expect him to start hauling around a sonogram picture of his in-utero gal pal. But for now, it's Kate Hudson. Blech.

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