Sunday, April 20, 2008

Aloha! Etc.

Yesterday we stayed local. Liz got her toes done at Soul Play, a very cool salon where you should go if you're in Kapa'a and in need of a pedicure. As we all know, the beach is hell on a pedicure so this may not be as far-fetched as it sounds initially.

Then we went to Lydgate Park, whose rock-enclosed swim area blocking big waves, makes a perfect swim and snorkel area for children, seniors and me. Liz got a picture of me coming out of the water James Bond style but unfortunately the camera cord is at home, so just picture it: alternately pale and sunburned, muffin-topped middle aged lady slogging out of the surf. I plan to audition for the next 007 movie. I did get a picture of Liz, in her tankini. Note her freshly painted toes.

I did snorkel, if you can call swimming around with just the mask, snorkeling. I've decided that you can, so while I was snorkeling, I saw some fish. They were kind of boring but I didn't hold it against them as I was excited about it, and really, it's not their fault that they're somewhat drab and not sea turtles. I expect to see more exciting sea life today as we're heading off to the North Shore.


Anonymous said...

Yay! I just discovered you're vacation blogging. I hadn't dared to hope... I'm eating this up as I count down to my own trip there. Is tuna poke spicy?? I do so want to see the 007 shot...

Professional Critic said...

Hi! It's so gorgeous here, you will love it. The poke can have a little bot of spice, but it's very mild and oh, so yummy!