Monday, April 21, 2008

Aloha! And So On.

Today we drove up to the north shore, where the road ends at Ke'e Beach and the start of the Kalalau Trail. I did a short part of the trail, probably not more than a mile and it was very beautiful, and is it sacrilegious to say it looked a lot like Mendocino? Then a bit of snorkeling, where I saw those same slightly boring fish, then a few others. Te weather was a little odd, I guess this is how it is up there: bright sun, then clouds, then rain, then sun, repeat this cycle every two minutes and you get the picture.

We headed down to Hanalei, a very cute little town for some shopping and lunch. Here's the Hawaiian variety plate: shredded pork, cabbage and rice, with sides of ahi poke and lomi lomi.

Then we were off to Princeville, which is a slightly weird pseudo-gated community full of golf courses and fancy cookie cutter houses. But one things Princeville does have going for it is The Queen's Bath:



Anonymous said...

thanks so much for the photo of liz. but i would like to see her in the water up to her waist. has she gotten in that high yet? it sounds/looks like you guys are having fun. wish i was there.......

Sandra said...

Hey! I didn't know you were in Hawaii--how fantastic! It looks awesome. I hope you get to see sea turtles and maybe even some hot lava. I'm glad you are having a terrific time. Thanks for sharing your vacation so we can all live vicariously.