Friday, April 18, 2008

Aloha! The Day After That

This morning I took a walk to the beach behind our hotel.

I even did a little Tai Chi on the beach, all the while battling the horrible cheesiness of it.

Liz was not feeling 100% so I went off to Poi'pu solo, first taking a walk on Maha'ulepu Beach. Can I get a wow?

Then you walk up, onto some cliffs for some really dramatic views of the crashing surf below.

No, you're not drunk--the picture is oriented the wrong way. I don't have time to futz with it so you'll just have to tilt your head for the correct effect. By the way if anyone knows a way to speed up the process of uploading pics to Blogger or videos to YouTube, please chime in. I know I'm supposed to be embracing 'it's all good' island style philosophy but for the love of GOD I don't have all day! I have a video of this place but I'll post it later when I'm not feeling so very impatient New Yorker.

Later I went to Poi'pu State Beach, definitely a good beach for swimming versus drowning, where I saw my very first sea turtle paddling not three feet away from me. Holy cow, those things are huge and utterly pre-historic looking. I'm looking forward to getting some snorkel gear today and seeing hanu underwater.

Then another lunch with my new best friend: ahi poke and seaweed salad, this time from the Koloa Fish Market.

Note that the fork says "Aloha." Isn't that nice?

Now we must go--Liz has a hot date to get her toes done and then we're off to Lydgate Beach, which is supposedly also a good beach for not drowning.


Anonymous said...

I think that "stone of some kind" causing the break and the pool is coral reef, no?

Professional Critic said...

Sure, sounds good! I have no idea, really. But it sure is purty.