Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Aloha! Two Days In One

Today (Tuesday) is our last full day in Kauai. Wah! We never want to leave and are considering calling in sick for the rest of the year.

Yesterday, we went back north, to the Kilauea Light Station and animal preserve. In this gorgeous cove below (tilt your head), we saw two honu floating around, which promptly disappeared once they sensed our desire to document them.

This is a magical place--for you west coast peeps, it reminded me a lot of Point Lobos State Reserve.

Then we went to 'Anini Beach, an absolutely gorgeous and calm strip of coast. There's lots of houses for sale right across the street--you can see why they're a bazillion dollars. Off in the distance there you can see the strip of jutting out land--that's the Kilauea lighthouse.

Today, our very last day, we went to the amazing Kauai Hindu Monastery. The lush grounds are ridiculously beautiful and as if you need to gild this lily, they're hand carving a granite temple, too. Check out the links on their site for the building progress.

After this, we had a delicious breakfast at the Ono Family Restaurant--I recommend the tropical pancakes made with banana, coconut and macadamia nuts, topped with coconut syrup. Yum. Then Liz had a Hawaiian sea salt exfoliating treatment and came back glowing.

Later we headed to Poi'pu State Beach, where we were greeted by this rambunctious monk seal:

I snorkeled and saw lots of really cool fish whose names I don't know but just picture a tropical fish tank and you get the idea. Then we saw honu! The pictures didn't come out so hot, but this is the best one:

Tomorrow we go home and we're kind of sad about it.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sad for you guys too.