Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Windy City

It's very windy here in the bay area. The accompanying banging, clanging and cacophany of car alarms has poor Gus in a tizzy, his tail in a constant state of outrageous fluff.

Speaking of cars, I've been so proud that I religiously bring the car for oil changes. Did I ever consult my owner's manual to check the correct interval? Why should I, when the little sticker slapped on the windshield will tell me? Turns out the little sticker may be wrong. Not only am I changing my oil twice as often as I need to, it's at detriment to the environment. This website can help you figure out how often you should really be changing your oil, or you could just, you know, check your manual. Ahem.

In more shallow news, here's a hot picture of Natalie Portman with the weirdly made-up Olsen twin-lemur hybrid also known as ScarJo, who may be getting engaged to Ryan Reynolds, as her recent wedding dress shopping outing with mom might suggest. Also, I'm seeing a lot of commentary on the interwebs about Christina Aguilera's boobs, so take a look for yourself. Pretty impressive.

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