Friday, December 07, 2007

Word of the Day

Okay everyone. Take your seats. Guys? Please settle down. It's time for our vocabulary review.

Today's word of the day is polterwang. Can anyone break down the etymology of this word for me? That's right: polter, as in ghostly, and wang as in, you know, schlong.

So what is this polterwang, hmm? We all know the phrase "camel toe" of course, but are you familiar with this opposite phenomenon? The illusion of a penis where there in in fact, none?

This word was coined by the fabulous Fug Girls earlier this year and was used most recently to describe the effect this unfortunate jumpsuit had on Alicia Keys' nether region:

But there's a twist here with Alicia's outfit. One of the hallmarks of a Professional Critic is knowing when to stand back and let the experts talk. So:
"And, of course, there's the issue of the bulky bushel-and-a-peck it gives her. It's a cross between camel-toe and polterwang (camelwang? No -- poltertoe, I think)..."

Please take notes. This will be on the test.

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