Thursday, December 06, 2007

Professional Critic, Flattened

I'm slowly recovering from an evil gastrointestinal malady. Not sure if it was food borne or a random vile germ, but really, what difference does it make when you're hugging the toilet bowl? Sorry to be gross.

I spent a few days at Lizh's while she freezes her ass off in Sconnie. That's Wisconsin to you non-Cheddarheads. She has cable, very exciting for Professional "Five Channels" Critic. I caught an episode of the current season of Nip/Tuck, a real treat since I'm always lagging a year behind in Netflix rentals. So, huh? Julia is a lesbian? And Portia de Rossi is her girlfriend? But she's still a hideously whiny unlikeable drip. Incredible.

On America's Next Top Model: after botching her go-sees Heather was sent home. I was sad to see her go but I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of Heather. She's touched a nerve with the public as her record number of "Cover Girl of the Week" wins and this
NY Times article
attests. On the other hand, the nasty Bianca was given the boot last night and buh-bye.

As we know, I'm years behind the 8 ball so I just saw Sicko. My goodness, if you haven't seen this movie, you simply must. Michael Moore uses a lighter touch this time around. When wives discuss the death of their spouses, denied payment for kidney cancer treatment, an insurance company medical reviewer comes forward to say the more claims she denied the more she was financially rewarded, citizens of England, France and Canada laugh at the idea that you would have to pay for medical care or doctors in these same countries express shock that medical decisions are financially based, well, it speaks for itself.

Finally, another addition to Professional Critic's Top Christmas Picks. Don't worry if you've already bought my present, this truffle serving set can be the stocking stuffer. Isn't it amazing how back in the day it was a big deal to get an orange? Times sure have changed.

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