Saturday, December 22, 2007

Saturday Share

I know it looks like I already posted today and though it was technically after midnight last night when I finished, that post was really for Friday. And the person whose wireless I'm stealing had the nerve again to move his (I'm more comfortable with the idea of stealing from a man if you must know--they still make more money than women so let's just call it a Robin Hood thing and not just that I'm a cheap bastard, mmkay?) router/receiver/whatever the f that thing is called, forcing me to retreat into the bedroom where I can get a decent signal from some other fat cat dude. Indulge me in this ridiculous fantasy, thanks so much.

Back to business. Thank you baby Jesus in the manger, the fourth season of The Wire has come out! Have you not ever seen this show? Please take a moment for quiet self-reflection, for something is horribly amiss with your priorities in life. Just do yourself a favor and just rent the first season. If you don't think it's one of the best things you've ever seen in television or movies, then I'll say no more and allow you to go back to watching Yes, Dear or whatever it is that people who have no idea what good television is watch. No judgment here.

I recently started taking an online web design class. It's like HTML, guppie division--so far I've learned how to do this and this and a few other things that Blogger doesn't seem to like so I'll have to go back and see if I'm doing it right. And? Although I've switched to Firefox from Safari because dang it really is better, I'm still coding my stuff the old fashioned way and not using the Blogger shortcuts even though I moaned mightily about having to do it. That's just my way.

Now I see that my little computer is telling me "Could not contact" and I don't know why not because my stolen signal looks just fine and grrr I've had just enough of your lip, Blogger.

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