Saturday, December 22, 2007

Friday Night Round-Up

Gee whiz. My last post was about Britney and just a few days later I get to report that her newly-pregnant 16 year-old sister is on pace to best her in the hot mess department. I guess their mom won't be publishing a parenting book after all, which seems like a right move. How it even crossed the mind of Mrs. Spears that the public could benefit from her parenting advice boggles the mind but then again Joe Simpson has bragged to the press about his daughter's breasts. There must be different standards in the celebrity world that deem such seemingly cringe-worthy behavior as good parenting, not at all offensive or inappropriate.

I loved this article about store cats in NY city keeping delis and markets rodent-free. Unfortunately health inspectors cite code which prohibits animals around food preparation and want store owners to instead pay for chemical extermination. Let's file that under "completely stupid." Do we really prefer to introduce toxic chemicals which no doubt end up on the food and in the groundwater or introduce a natural predator that can dispense with the problem easily and have a swell time doing it?

Better a cat hair than rat hair. Stop picking on the store cats! It's the green solution. Also, have you ever smelled a rotting rodent carcass trapped behind a wall? It's so foul. Jac and Winger should consider renting out their kitty Nellie to markets with rodent problems. She is a murderess of the highest order.

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