Friday, October 26, 2007

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

I forgot to tell you! When I went to Seattle in August with Lizh to see Loyal Washington Reader, one of the items on our to do list was to check out the Bitten line at Steve and Barry's. Much shopping ensued.

Items were definitely inexpensive as promised, but rather strangely made. I found a super cute blazer which I was not able to button in an XL. Since I'm a size 8 in a jacket, this was odd to say the least.

The jeans--disaster. You know the annoying butt-crack-exposing gap that happens in lower rise pants? In most jeans, this gap can be closed with a belt. This gap was so big I could and did stuff a large Nalgene water bottle and a box of homeopathic yeast infection medicine* in the back of the pants. I then pranced around the dressing room so Lizh and Loyal Washington Reader could see the items jostling around in my trunk indicating that there was still room back there.

Here's what I did buy:

One gray t-shirt: holding up well, maintaining its shape and color. A wardrobe staple. Thumbs up.

One long sleeved purple v-neck t-shirt: thumbs way down. At first, this shirt was good--great color, nice fit. But after two washes it became totally stretched out and seems to have lost all its elasticity. I look like the hapless fashion fool on "What Not to Wear."

One 3/4 length sleeve black stretchy work shirt: I never wore this. After putting it on I realized that it was way too long and looked like I was wearing my dad's shirt as a smock for art class.

Overall rating of Bitten: Meh.

*I was traveling, but ordinarily I would go for the boric acid cure.

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