Friday, July 06, 2007

Ess Jay Pee

Tonight I was reading the new Oprah at Lizh's and there was an article about the new clothing line by Sarah Jessica Parker, Bitten. It sounds very promising--a line of sportswear, shoes and accessories for women sizes 0-22. How nice that SJP, herself a scrawny Hollywood victim in dire need of a meatball sub, recognizes that many woman passed size zero before hitting their teens. Even if you don't love everything she wears, you have to admit SJP is a stylish gal. And practical, too--the highest priced item is 19.98. This makes the Isaac Mizrahi line at Target seem like utter decadence.

Unfortunately, Bitten is only available at Steve and Barry's, which I had never heard of until today. Even worse, there are no Steve and Barry's in the Bay Area, although the store locator assures me there are three stores opening sometime this year. Of course they're all over the east coast. I'm trying not to feel bitter that the residents of Hicksville, New York have something that I don't. If you're familiar with Long Island, you may understand what I mean.

In a fashion related item, I was not impressed with the dress Eva Longoria wore to her Paris civil wedding. Chanel and all, but reminiscient of terry jumpers of years past. I have higher hopes for the actual wedding dress, though I am already sick of hearing about their nupitals.

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