Monday, October 08, 2007

Monday Buffet

Though I search high and low, no justifications appear for my stubborn refusal to switch from incandescent to compact fluorescent lightbulbs. Sucking up more energy, creating more heat, more emissions and more expensive, incandescents appear to be the lightbulb of suckers. To my credit, I bought a package and replaced all my bulbs--for about ten minutes. Too dark. Too depressing. Still too institutional. But incandescents may cease to be an option in a few years, so I better stock up.

Better news for flying direct. Since take-off and landing consume the most fuel, direct is the greenest way to fly. Check out other greener flying tips here.

Did you know there was such a thing as National Meatloaf Appreciation Day? Now you do. In anticipation of the big day, I will share a tip: pulverized pretzels instead of breadcrumbs. Cut down the rest of the salt since you won't need it. My contribution to the well-worn path of meatloaf.

Strange thing that I cannot get more information about: Moaning Lisa, some kind of sex doll that supposedly makes you a better lover of women. (This is probably not great for work.) I don't really get it.

I do get the fabulousness of America's Next Top Model, whose new season started a few weeks ago. The drama revs up, but there's something slightly different this time around. No, it's not the inclusion of a "plus size model," although there is one of those, too. Here's her portfolio so you can see just how huge she is.

What's really different about this season is that one of the models Heather has Asperger's. She describes it as a "mild form of autism," and the Mayo Clinic describes it as "social awkwardness and an all-absorbing interest in specific topics." Anyway, last episode the girls in the house were getting a little catty about Heather (who by the way is drop-dead gorgeous. Her portfolio pics are not quite capturing how beautiful she is yet). But as long as she can keep it together I think she'll do great. Although when they get to the commercial Easy, Breezy, Beautiful--Cover Girl! she might have a hard time.


Anonymous said...

is sarah the plus size girl??


Professional Critic said...

Yes she is, believe it or not.

True, Britney's not looking great. But honestly, some of the pics of her from the VMAs must have been photoshopped to make her gut look bigger.