Monday, October 15, 2007

Greetings from the Island

Nay, Professional Critic is not writing from some tropical paradise but rather Long Island. My family just gifted me with a lovely digital camera so that I will be able to post some pictures on my text-heavy blog. Alas, the battery needs charging so I was not able to capture the slice of Long Island on display at the Oyster Festival we attended yesterday. Words will have to suffice for now. The hair is still big and stiff here. It's like a page out of my high school yearbook circa 1989. Sure, there were plenty of glossy blown-out 'dos as well--not mine of course, as we all well know Professional Critic brushes her hair about every other day, though never on vacation--but still a lot of bad perms and evidence of Aussie Scrunch Spray. I remember the ultra-toxic grape-y smell fondly.

A shocking number of people here still smoke. I know my perspective is skewed, what with living in the woo-woo Bay Area for eleven years where it is not at all uncommon to encounter the wheat free, sugar free, macrobiotic, raw diet and yogarific lifestyle. There, citizens have free reign to give smokers the death stare and smoking is being outlawed faster than you can flick your Bic.

I also want to point out that this is my first time using Blogger in Internet Explorer. This means HTML shortcuts, which means no typing of tedious HTML required in Safari, the default Mac browser. I just may go completely overboard with formatting just because I can. In fact I just may link you all into oblivion because linking is by far the most tedious thing to do by hand and who thinks they can stop me?

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