Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Visit Home

Cast of Characters:

The floppy love dog

The oldest and his tattoos

The enchanted middle child

The youngster

Professional Auntie

Act I

Enchanted Middle Child: ... remember when we went to the fair?

Professional Auntie: Yesterday?

EMC: Yeah. Remember the rides?

PA: Yes.

EMC (wistful, awash in memory): That was fun.

Act II

Tattooed Eldest: Here's a little story that would have been really bad if I was on a bike. Once when I was going to the car when I was coming back from Burger King and I was in Crocs and once I took a wipeout--

PA: While you were walking?

TE: Yeah. (Describes dramatic wipeout and resulting injuries)

PA: (Notes that he is wearing Crocs): So would you say you still wear Crocs because they're fun and easy?

TE: Yes, but not when it's like very dark and wet.

PA: Cause you could slip?

TE: Yeah. (Nods, serious). You could slip.


The Youngster runs in from stage left, breathless and excitable, wearing a long black cape, a Spider Man mask, brandishing a play sword. He is talking a mile a minute, though not one word is intelligible. He looks to PA expectantly.

PA: ... That's fine.

TY runs off stage right.


The End

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