Sunday, July 08, 2007

Do You Want to Wax Your Intimate Area?

I do, so I was pleased to find a website that so succinctly addressed my questions and concerns. Specifically, I wasn't sure what growth of hair I should allow to ensure the best result. However, this site is British and the recommended measurement (.25 - .5 centimeters) is metric. Who can remember how big a centimeter is? I had to consult my ruler, then examine my intimate area. Lo and behold, it is time to wax.

My searchings are taking a decidedly vaginal direction today. I just looked up "disco nap" on Urban Dictionary, a term I didn't know (just a nap you take before going out) but that spurned my curiousity of "disco fanny" and "disco minge," which both describe the funk that girls acquire after a sweaty night of dancing. Odd that these terms seem to only apply to girls. I'll go ahead and chalk that up to our cultural disgust over the vaginal and adoration of the phallus, even sweaty, stinky junk.

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