Friday, June 08, 2007

I Feel Nothing For You, Paris

Paris goes back to prison. She should take a page from the book of Martha Stewart in how to handle incarceration gracefully.

Should we be surprised that a a medical researcher who testified about the safety of Avandia in 1999 disclosed that he was harassed and threatened with legal action by an executive from the the manufacturer of the diabetes drug? I guess not. The FDA just released a safety alert that the drug may raise the risk of heart attack and on Wednesday called for the strictest warning (the "black box") for the same reasons ... which is what the medical researcher testified to in 1999.

It's been a while since I mentioned Knut, the "ice bear" cub living in the Berlin Zooo. He's getting big. In just a few months from this to this to this. Not as cute as when he was a wee one, but I think the same thing about myself when I look back at my baby pictures. Damn, I was cute.

If you're a Sopranos fan, you're probably one of many people predicting what the final episode will bring. Salon features an article today with many such speculations. This one from Lisa Lutz is my favorite:

I stopped predicting what would happen with "The Sopranos" after late last season when I became convinced there would be a spinoff called "Vito in Vermont."

I can relate. I was so happy for Vito when he stumbled into the idyllic New England town full of antique stores and hunky short order cooks/volunteer firemen. Oh! Maybe he can break away. Would that be so bad? He won't blab. He's found love. Like all things with the potential for personal fulfillment and happiness on the Sopranos, this went down in flames. If Phil gets whacked, all I can say is: he had it coming.

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