Saturday, June 09, 2007

Moms and Dads

At the farmer's market today, while trying to decide if the strawberries I usually buy from a little organic stand staffed by nice crunchy girls looked a little tired***, I overheard the following exchange:

Dad (observing two-ish year-old son, unmoved by the surrounding cornucopia of beautiful produce, chucking stones into the crowd of people walking by): Don't throw rocks at people.

Mom (paying for asparagus, without missing a beat, retorts): How about not throwing rocks?

Isn't that just moms and dads in a nutshell?

***They were pretty exhausted. I guess strawberry season might be coming to an end. Instead I bought some pluots, which are just fantastic. I don't like apricots but somehow in the plum hybrid process, it all works out to be delish.

The farmer's market can cause some consumer anxiety. Most stalls have the same stuff, so who to buy from? I buy organic if it isn't really expensive, but then I also want to buy from the little mom and pop farms that maybe can't afford to have their farms certified organic and instead have a banner that says "certified farmer," which as far as I know means nothing, but it's sweet. Mostly I think that any farmer who really wants to make a living raising food deserves my business, but how many bags of baby lettuce mix do I really need?

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