Sunday, September 18, 2011

Live Blogging the Emmys

And because the dresses are just as important as the awards, check out Emmy fashions here.

7:59 It's over! And it's raining gold confetti.

7:54 Best comedy, presented by Gwyneth Paltrow. Who isn't even funny. I hate what she's wearing. Hate. It. Parks and Recreation must win this. But no, Modern Family takes it. I like Modern Family but I don't think it reaches the daffy heights of P&R.

7:47 Maria Bello looking pretty and William Macy with shaggy hair and a scarf I can't even begin to comprehend. It's nominees for best drama and Mad Men takes it! Kiernan Shipka is adorable. Why does Christina Hendricks never look as good at events as she does on Mad Men? It mystifies me. I'm happy that MM won this but why didn't they win anything else? Odd.

7:45 Downton Abbey takes it for best miniseries/movie and I say SUPER. Watch it streaming here.

7:44 I despise every dress Jane Lynch has worn. Would it be so wrong for her to wear a suit? It would be so much better. Here's Don Cheadle, who rocks a suit like nobody's biz.

7:38 Kate Winslet wins some actress miniseries thing for Mildred Pierce. What's not to like about Kate Winslet? Plus, her boobs look fantastic, although I think the dress overall is a tad casual.

7:36 Claire Danes, I despise your shiny blue tinfoil dress. I just don't understand.

7:34 Okay, the guy was in Mildred Pierce and he's being a bit bawdy! Going on about inserting himself into Kate Winslet. She's laughing, didn't get a good look at her dress. She usually looks great.

7:32 Hm, another shiny forehead on whoever this lady is. It's Anna Torv. No idea who she is. This is supporting actor for miniseries and some guy with glasses whose name I didn't catch won for some show I didn't hear. I'm so informative. You're welcome!!!

7:30 Sweet Jesus, I am laughing so hard at commenter Kyle on Tim Goodman's blog:
"Every year, Leonard Cohen gets that much closer to finishing that time machine and unmaking that song." BWAHAHAHA. Second favorite part of the Emmys.

7:25 Tom Bosley died? Huh. Andy Whitfield, very sad.

7:22 Oy. This guy, the head of the Emmys, is awful. Time for the dead people montage.

Shit, it's Hallelujah by cheesy crooners. Who are they? I don't know or care. This is killing me. Put me in the montage.

7:18 Melissa McCarthy and Amy Poehler!! But bad dress on Amy. Not at all flattering. It's guys in miniseries. I only saw Luther and it was so-so despite the wonderful Idris Elba starring. The dude from the Kennedys won and I don't care.

Here comes directing for miniseries. Yikes, Melissa's dress is bad, too. What in the world happened in the styling world tonight? Downton Abbey takes it again. Can't wait for the second season!

7:17 Why do they still trot out the vote counting people? It's totally uninteresting.

7:11 I'm confused, we're still on miniseries/movies but now acting awards. Actress goes to Maggie Smith for Downton Abbey. Well-deserved--she was awesome. I'm kind of glad she wasn't there to collect her award from those Entourage dopes. Another weird pairing. Who makes these decisions? Some teenage intern who has never watched anything but Glee?

7:06 Miniseries/movie is always boring because I've never seen any of them. Oh wait! Downton Abbey was great! This will win, no doubt. Carlos I couldn't finish. SNAP! Jane Lynch disses on the cast of Entourage--citing them as the reason she's a lesbian. Priceless! Favorite part of the Emmys so far.

Downton Abbey takes it. This was fantastic, it's streaming on Netflix.

7:05 What the heck? This is unnecessary.

6:58 Best Actor in Drama. WOW, another Friday Night Lights Win. This is big. No Jon Hamm love? Hm. Kyle Chandler really was so good in that show. But Jon! I think he should have won but he'll have another chance. I guess that's the thinking.

6:57 Sweet Jesus, it's a Charlie's Angels line up. Cringey McCringerson. Though Minka Kelly really is something else.

6:55 Julianna Margulies takes best actress in drama. Her dress is weird and quite space-age ugly. What was her stylist thinking? Is that you Rachel Zoe? I do like Good Wife but Elizabeth Moss really needed to win this. Bummer.

6:54 Christ, where to start? Katie Holmes paired with Bryan Cranston? Why in the world would they put these two together? Why is she so shiny? None of her assistant Scientology flunkies had powder?

6:52 What is this fresh hell? These little bits are pointless. Going to feed the cats.

6:49 Getting excited for Breaking Bad tonight. Did BB get nominated for anything this year? For some reason I think no. Didn't do my homework today. Sorry reader.

6:43 Kerry Washington is so pretty and her dress is so hideous. This is my first good look at an Emmy dress and I am not happy. Ugh, this writing is the worst. How can a show celebrating television be written so poorly? Dear God.

Supporting Actor. Great choices here! John Slattery is great, both guys from Good Wife. Oh my goodness this is a tough race. I once saw Peter Dinklage in Whole Foods in NYC. And he wins! I may have to get over my hatred of fantasy elves unicorns etc to watch Game of Thrones. He thanks his dog walker! Love it.

6:42 Directing for a drama and I haven't seen any of these shows. Boardwalk Empire takes it. I have no feelings about that other than that something is not right about that Paz de la Huerta. I would watch any of these shows streaming on Netflix if they were available. You listening Netflix? Keep the good stuff coming.

6:40 Is that guy who got his arm chopped off by a helicopter on ER?

6:39 I watched seven minutes of the new Christina Applegate/Will Arnett show Up All Night. Unwatchable. So disappointed that Will still can't find the right show after last season's stinky Running Wilde.

6:37 I admit that I keep wanting to put an apostrophe in Emmys. Stopping myself, as it is wrong.

6:35 I'm on media overload. I'm watching the show, blogging and watching Tim Goodman's live blog--check it out here. He's the best.

6:32 Ashton, I don't like your hair one bit. Best Supporting Actress in Drama. Some good choices here...Oh, I do love Margo Martindale, but I don't like Justified. She was great in The Riches. Available on Netflix streaming, reader. As is Breaking Bad! This feels like an upset. But a good one, I think.

6:31 Maybe I do feel a little bad. Med Men is some seriously good writing. Hm.

6:29 Late to the party but just in time for the writing awards! Mad Men, wooHoo! Jane Lynch that is a BAD DRESS. Oh! Friday Night Lights takes it! This was a great show. I can't feel bad about it.

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