Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Round Up

A thrills and chills kind of weekend here at Chez PC. By thrills I mean mowing through platters of house-made salumi and pate with my favorite meat-eating pal at Adesso. The creamiest, smoothest, most happiness-making chicken liver pate, a duck version with cherries and pistachio nuts that was swoon-worthy. So tasty, so decadent. If I was the kind of a person who juice-fasted I would do it now but instead I just ate some ice cream. Thank God I'm not that kind of person because AmeriCone Dream is fucking delicious.

In chills was today's soccer/futbol World Cup. I refuse to call it the Women's World Cup because the men's game isn't called the Men's World Cup. Soundly rejecting the notion that the default for sports is men's just as I soundly reject the equally hideous "male nurse." It was a suspenseful game but as dejected as the Americans looked at the end, we all know Japan could really use a win.

KY Intense ads are playing incessantly on Hulu. It is bugging me that they are referring to a woman's orgasm as "her big moment." Winning a Nobel Peace Prize or being elected president of the United States would be a big moment, but an orgasm? I get that we have to find coy ways of saying orgasm because for some reason we can't say orgasm on television. This will all get worked out when Michelle Bachmann gets elected and outlaws pleasure.

Wilfred is an American remake of an Australian show in which the main character Ryan sees Wilfred as a crude pot-smoking man in a dog suit but everyone else sees an actual dog. It's hilarious. Elijah Wood is perfectly cast in this role, much to my relief erasing my memory of him as Frodo in that awful, ridiculous, endless fantasy torture-fest my friends made me watch. You know who you are.

Breaking Bad, Season 4. Can. Not. Wait!

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