Monday, April 18, 2011

Tuesday Round Up: Weirdness, Hanna

Today has been full of weird happenings, reader. It started with a neighbor pounding on my door at the crack of dawn to tell me he found a wallet in the garage so if anyone was looking for it, he had given it to another neighbor to hold. Who, when I told the building super later, turns out to be out of the country for the past month so this is not possible. Was it a dream? I remember holding Gus, flailing in my arms, desperate to win my neighbor's love. I remember that I wasn't wearing any pants. I remember having the thought that it may not have been the best decision, answering the door with no pants on, but I thought it was the super telling me the building was burning down or something equally urgent. The mystery remains unsolved; hopefully this is the end of any somnambulist tendencies.

This afternoon we had 3.8 earthquake, which isn't huge but definitely noticeable, especially on the 105th anniversary of the 1906 Big One. I was in a meeting and said, 'oh we're having an earthquake' and my coworker said, 'we are?' Her whole office was shaking and rattling but she didn't feel a thing. Later, as I drove over the seismically unsound Bay Bridge I tried not to think about it but failed, of course. Why o why is it taking them so damn long to fix it? JUST FIX IT ALREADY.

The girls and I went to see Hanna over the weekend. Roger Ebert called it a first rate thriller and we were all like: zzzz. Although visually arresting, particularly the opening sequence and early forest scenes with Hanna (the stunning Saoirse Ronan, whose name I still don't know how to pronounce) and her father (Eric Bana, looking great), and with a great Chemical Brothers soundtrack, there just wasn't much there there. Cate Blanchett couldn't decide whether to play an evil Brit or an evil Southerner, so she did both to jarring effect. Halfway through the movie I stopped caring; even the sight of Bana in his skivvies couldn't bring me back. I'm not sure that I would even recommend this as a sick day movie.

Happy Passover, Jews and Friends of Jews!

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