Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Two Entirely Unrelated Items

Reader, I am new to running, as in running for exercise and one thing that keeps me running instead of collapsing in agony is this. Not a giant rolling pin to make the world biggest chicken pot pie, but a foam roller. A giant cylinder of dense styrofoam over which you roll yourself to stretch out the IT (Iliotibial) band like so. The IT band is a thick band of tissue that runs from your hip to your knee and by God that thing can hurt. Most physical therapy websites say something mild like, "You may experience some soreness." Honestly? The first time I did this, there were tears. Tears! But the foam roller is a life changer.

Apropos of nothing, what is the story with Paz de la Huerta? I know she's on Boardwalk Empire, a show I have not yet seen but suddenly she's all over interwebs, looking rather disheveled, falling out of her top and though I hate to age-snark, also looking much older than her 26 years.

Ah. This article from New York magazine explains clearly why Paz is everywhere. Paz is an insufferable, attention-seeking mess. Bleargh.

Sorry I ended this post on such a downer! Here's a cool version of Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal:

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