Sunday, January 16, 2011

Golden Globes: Recap

That red carpet was a fucking disaster. A few rays of light in the fashion darkness:

Dianna Agron looked stunning, as she usually does. Pulls off the fair skin, blond hair, champagne dress beautifully.

Though I would have preferred another color, navy maybe, Claire Danes was a knockout in her simple yet elegant column dress.

Kyra Sedgwick looked lovely in a gauzy orange gown. What can I say? I sort of love her.

I am heartily sick of the one shouldered gown but Mila Kunis looked fantastic.

And though many, indeed most dresses were quite bad, here are some of the worst offenders:

Natalie Portman, you usually look so pretty. Has your unborn child sucked all the style out of you? I can otherwise make no sense of this cheap looking fabric, the flower trying to beat your baby to breastfeeding, and your awful, tacky shoes.

January Jones, between this 'dress' fashioned from Band Aids and your nude Versace ads I feel like a baby seal being clubbed over the head--I GET IT, YOU'RE SEXY.

Michelle Williams: Just no. NO.

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