Monday, May 17, 2010

Music Monday: Where Does the Good Go?

What it is, reader! Another craptastic weather day in the Bay and one day closer to $6 tolls. Sheesh, so negative, I know. The good is here, it's all around, like this French bulldog puppy impersonating a turtle:


BTW, this clip has four million views on YouTube, which shows you that the urge to have your head exploded from puppeh cuteness is universal.

The good is also in Pandora. She offered me Anyone by Moving Units while I was walking around the lake. My groove thing was all what's this now? Tell me more!

Not the official video but I think it kind of fits:

This SNL Digital Short: Great Day joined the ranks of the disturbingly funny with MotherLover and Dick in a Box:

Also much good in Beyonce's new video for Why Don't you Love Me?

Beyonce is smokin' hot in this video. That is also very good.

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