Friday, May 14, 2010

All I Can Do Is Squee

What it is, reader. It's been a long while, so I'm going to make my re-entry into the shallow end of the heated kiddie pool of the blogosphere with a short post dedicated to the joys of baby animals.

Baby otter from the Ross Park Zoo

The sleek fuzziness, that Hershey Kiss of a nose, the whiskery little mouth and puffy cheeks.

Baby lynx at the Nashville Zoo

It's commonly understood that baby animal + baby bottle = head explosion from cuteness.

As Gob Bluth would say: COME ON!


april m. said...

SO SO glad to have you back!

i would say more but its difficult to find words with an exploded head.

I can totally hear Gob now!

Professional Critic said...

Thanks, April! It's good to put my toes into the bloggy pool with these tooth-grindingly cute animals.