Saturday, November 21, 2009

Rising Star: Parks and Recreation

Reader! The second season of Amy Poehler's Parks and Recreation just gets better and better. If you abandoned this show sometime during the admittedly mediocre first season, COME BACK!

This week during an office hunting trip gone awry, Leslie protects one of her own from an inquisitive park ranger:

This made me laugh so hard. Amy Poehler is such a fucking hero. Check out back episodes of Parks and Recreation on Hulu.

Happy weekend!


april m. said...

"im good at tolerating pain, im bad at math, aaaand im stupid."


Professional Critic said...

Isn't this genius? I think my favorites are the lip gloss application and "bitches be crazy!"

Anonymous said...

love this show. thursday night tv is back. but i so miss luka and abby still.....

Professional Critic said...

lynchb NO! Please do not sully the beauty of Parks and Recreation with that epic shark jumping epic lunacy.

Did you watch P&R last year? I'm not sure how, but they made it so much better this year. Yay!! I loved the episode with Megan Mullaly, esp since learning she's really his wife.