Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Mrs. Lewis, Signing Out

What it is, reader! I've been sans interwebz for a bit now and learned that while an iphone is a lot like a computer, it can't actually take the place of one. Turns out that many of my favorite sites don't have mobile versions and even when they do, must have been tested on people using magnifying glasses.

But all is well again technically speaking at Professional Critic. Though I did find an impressive array of teeth marks in the phone line, it turns out to not be the cat's fault this time.

What the problem was exactly, I'll never know. While driving to work today I received a call from an AT+T robot this morning in response to the trouble ticket, urging me to stay on the line as it was URGENT THAT I SPEAK WITH A CUSTOMER REPRESENTATIVE.

So I listened to hold chatter for a very long time until I was connected to a service rep. After a comedy routine to rival Who's On First, surprise! He can't find me in their system, totally my fault for not having my trouble ticket number with me in the car or memorizing my DSL number, a number which I have never dialed in my life and never will because that's how these things work, friend. And though I have an AT+T cell phone number and every customer service rep I talked to in the past three days has repeated it back to me dutifully, he cannot find me that way, either. And he calls me, over and over, "Mrs. Lewis," which is not remotely close to my name, and really? Isn't my account up on the screen in front of you? Does the name "Mrs. Lewis" appear anywhere in my account? Because I bet it doesn't.

I'm not sure what was so URGENT because everything is copacetic now. But I'm horribly behind on what's been happening on the information superhighway and have nothing to offer except this baby elephant Luk Chai, from the Taronga Zoo, courtesy of Zooborns:

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