Monday, March 16, 2009

Brief Grief Edition

Reader, I am back on the east coast for another family death. My Aunt Rose, Nanny's sister, passed away this week. One minor upside of the recent string of deaths is that we're pretty good by now at planning all the details of a funeral so it doesn't feel nearly as overwhelming.

We're about to head off to the nursing home where Aunt Rose spent the last of her 99 years to pack up her belongings but I wanted to share two things that made me laugh today.

This ad for ob tampons. Kinda gross? Sorta. But also pretty damn funny.

And since I know many geeks and many people who are dating/married to geeks, this Wired article about the annoying habits of geeks resonated. Recogize any of these traits? I bet you do.


Anonymous said...

So sorry about Aunt Rose, I hope all is going fine on the East Coast. I just had to say, wow, about the OB ad. What was even funnier were all the comments...vampire tea bag...funny. Wierd.


Professional Critic said...

I know! I laughed so hard when I saw it. Even though it's borderline gross, it's so much better than your average tampon ad.