Sunday, February 15, 2009

Salma's Incredible Breasts Bust Up Madonna/Whore Dichotomy

Reader, perhaps you're acquainted with the magnificence that is Salma Hayek's breasts? No? Check out a recent episode of 30 Rock, in which they are featured prominently:

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You may have heard about the recent brouhaha surrounding said breasts. During a trip to Sierra Leone to support the Pampers/UNICEF One Pack = One Vaccine Campaign, Salma cross breastfed a week-old infant. Check out the whole clip chronicling the issue and the campaign here. Be warned that this clip depicts the death of an infant.

What was most incredible to me wasn't Salma whipping out her boob to feed this baby but that one in three children in Sierra Leone die before the age of five. And of those, over 20% die of tetanus, for lack of a maternal vaccine that costs seven cents per dose. Seven cents, reader. One mind-boggling fact after the next. Donate to UNICEF's tetanus program here because tetanus sucks.

Almost as incredible was seeing one of the sexiest women in the media use her breasts not for the thing she is paid millions of dollars to do: nourish a baby. And why is this so shocking? According to Hoyden About Town, "because Salma Hayek’s breasts are public property, that’s why." We've seen a lot of them, that's for sure. This flagrant violation of our compact with Salma has put people in a tizz, people who "... can't decide whether to jerk off or prosecute."

Without a doubt, though, the act of feeding one baby has probably made more people aware of tetanus than a thousand UNICEF campaigns put together. I say stick it in your ear, Madonna/whore complex. Salma, you're outrageously sexy and a right on mama.

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