Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Music Monday Meets Cuteness Tuesday

Reader, what it is. Here's some stuff Pandora has been coughing up that I want to share.

Rufus Wainwright, Vibrate. Can't embed it, but here it is. I fell bang in love with Rufus after seeing him open for Roxy Music when he was promoting Poses. Could this have been 2001? Jesus. Then saw him play twice more and had a little Rufus overload. But I'm coming back around. He's just delightful and can play the shit out of a live show. Vibrate is lovely and touching, a modern day declaration of adoration: my phone's on vibrate for you. Sweet.

Next, from the Donnie Darko soundtrack, a super cover of Tears for Fears' Mad World by Gary Jules:

Here's the TFF 1982 original. Check out the awesome hair and new wave dancing at 1:55. Oh and 2:29! Ha! Classic 80s.

I'm grooving on TFF now. Here's Pale Shelter, another great one:

One last one I can't embed, Change.

For the cuteness portion of our post, we're going to visit our friends at the awesome Fuck You, Penguin. Enjoy, reader.


jdub said...

have you seen the literalist remixes of '80s songs like A-ha "take on me" and a TFF song (can't remember which one)? They're hysterical, replacing the actual lyrics with words describing the silly action going on in the music videos. great fun on youtube.

Professional Critic said...

I am definitely going to check that out, jdub. Thanks for the tip.